Demian ingin nikah bukan sebagai Demian

6 09 2008

DemianDemian akan menikahi Yulia Rachman ingin menjadi dirinya sendiri, bukan sebagai Demian.


Demian ingin pada saat menikah nanti warna pakaiannya tidak hitam-hitam seperti yang dipakai Demian saat menjadi ilusionist atau pesulap. Kalau tidak menggunakan pakaian warna hitam-hitam, pastinya Demian akan menggunakan warna pakaian warna-warni seperti bunga-bungaan. Biar pengantin lakinya seperti turis.

Saya maunya jadi diri sendiri, bukan jadi Demian. Kalau jadi Demian kan pakai hitam-hitam, nah saya nggak akan begitu, nggak akan jadi pesulap,” terang Demian saat berbuka bersama di masjid Al Bina, Senayan, Jakarta Selatan(4/9/2008).

Persiapan pernikahan yang sudah direncanakan itu kini semuanya sudah berjalan sekitar 60 persen. Terus yang 40 persen pakai trik ilusi aja biar gampang.

Bisa dibilang sudah 60 persen beres,” kata Demian sang Ilusionist.

Terus kalau Demian pada saat menikah menjadi Demian ntar Yulia Rachman dibikin Deja Vu saat di pelaminan nanti.




One response

7 09 2008

The Real Demian Aditya

Demian Aditya, the first illusionist in Indonesia who combines illusion with technology and does it as one of the first in the world. He is ready to challenge the world with his unique talent and performance. Be ready to experience the unforgettable experience as Demian brought illusion into reality.

Unlike any other magician, Demian tries to step out from the dark and mystical stereotype of magician by showing fun, modern, smart, and entertaining tricks. He?s famous for his high tech illusion, where he?s flirting with our illusion and amazed us for having our eyes fooled by what?s real and what?s digital. He also proved his skill by showing traditional magic performances, face to face with people in the street. Enough yet, Demian proved his capability by doing legendary performance and he even improvised it!

He started to have passions for magic tricks since he was in the 6th grade of the elementary school. It?s the feeling of seeing people smile and entertained that satisfied his soul and made him fall in for magic. Demian believes that through magic he could rescue people from their routine stressed life and bring them closer to another.

With his passion and special talent in magic, Demian began learning tricks autodidact in his young age and finally committed to be a professional illusionist in 2002. By his hard work, talent, and unique performance, Demian is now becoming one of the greatest illusionists in Indonesia.

Modern, dynamic, unique, and youthful. Are you ready when Demian flies you from reality to a dream world full of illusion? Or exactly, are you ready to believe when Demian brought illusion become reality?

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