Manchester United batal berkunjung ke Indonesia

17 07 2009

Sangat disayangkan sekali terjadinya pengeboman di Jakarta tadi pagi.

Dengan adanya musibah bom yang terjadi di Jakarta tadi pagi (17/7/09) di Hotel JW Marriot dan Ritz Carlton, club sepak bola Manchester United (MU) tidak bisa hadir ke Indonesia demi keamanan. Pembatalan kunjungan MU ke Indonesia sudah di utarakan oleh Sir Alex Ferguson di websitenya MU

Rasa kekecewaan atas tidak terselenggaranya kunjungan MU di Indonesia ini, pastinya dirasakan oleh penggemar MU di Indonesia dan promotor yang menyelenggarakan acara ini. Dari pihak MU sendiri dengan adanya musibah bom ini para pemain MU juga merasakan kekecewaannya tidak bisa berkunjung ke Indonesia tidak bisa bertemu dengan penggemar MU di Indonesia. Selain itu penyelenggara kunjungan MU ke Indonesia juga sudah bekerja keras untuk mendatangkan MU ke Indonesia.

Berikut ini pernyataan pembatalan MU yang akan berkunjung ke Indonesia.

Sir Alex Ferguson photo:

Reds cancel Indonesia visit

Following the explosions in Jakarta – one of which was at the hotel the team were due to stay in – and based on advice received, the Directors have informed the Indonesian FA that the Club cannot fulfil the fixture in Jakarta on the 2009 Asia tour.

We are working on a revised itinerary outside Indonesia with the promoters, and will make a further announcement when these decisions have been made.

We are deeply disappointed at not being able to visit Indonesia and thank the Indonesian FA and our fans for their support.

Our thoughts go to all those affected by the blasts.

Club statement ends.

Speaking at a press conference shortly after arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Sir Alex Ferguson said: “It was a shock. We got the news just as we landed and it’s very disappointing.

“The Indonesian FA have worked very hard to get us over there and it’s a terribly big disappointment for them. There’s no other decision we could have taken in regards to the safeguarding of our players. We feel we’ve made the right decision.”

Club captain Gary Neville echoed his manager’s sentiments:

“We’re all disappointed not to get the opportunity to go to Indonesia. One of the great things about playing for this club is the chance you get to play in different countries and meet our fans from around the world. The players are as disappointed as everybody else.”





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